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Nathan Garibay, PHR®

Administrative HR & Technology Director
D 858.729.9318
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As Casavida’s Administrative Human Resources and Technology Director, Nathan Garibay oversees the key departments responsible for the efficient operation of the firm. As head of HR, he directs the department’s general affairs including payroll processing, benefits administration, billing, and new hire on-boarding. He also provides on-site technology assistance s program such as troubleshooting, system optimization, and implementation of upgrades.

Nathan entered the property management field in 2016 as an assistant property manager for Casavida. For 20 years prior, he held leadership roles in the ballroom dancing industry, including 15 years as General Manager, first of the Arthur Murray International Dance Studios in San Diego, then of the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios, followed by 5 years as the owner of the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios.

During this time, he led human resources management, payroll, daily staff scheduling, event planning, budgeting, daily business operations, program management, sales, advertising, promotions, talent acquisition, strategy development, and customer retention. This later facilitated his transition into real estate. By March 2017, Nathan was promoted to Casavida’s Director of Operations & Company Culture, which was focused primarily on internal engagement and event planning.

In 2017, Nathan completed his Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) designation through the HR Certificate Institute, a top credentialing organization for human resource professionals, recognized for its high global standard for excellence and expertise. The certificate demonstrates mastery of the technical and operational aspects of HR management, including U.S. laws and regulations.

In 1996, Nathan relocated from his hometown in the Central Valley of CA to San Diego, where he currently lives with his wife, son, daughter, and their two boxers. Nathan loves the outdoors and spends his free time golfing, swimming, fishing, biking, hiking, gardening, and exploring the San Diego region with his family.